Reading Through the Bible: The One Year Bible (A Bible Reading Plan)

READING THROUGH THE BIBLE: The One Year Bible (A Bible Reading Plan)


It has been a few years since I read the Bible all the way through cover to cover. I want to read it through as fast as possible, but within reason. I will take notes and journal as I go. I am using the One Year Bible (see the source/link for more information) as my reading plan.

I am reading the Bible all the way through at a faster pace than I want, but I really want to get the context again.

I started reading this on August 30 and today will read September 03 reading and others as well, I hope.

Once I get all the way through reading the Bible, using the One Year Bible plan, I will then start again and will start reading the Bible on the day on the calendar and begin with that reading. I will then read each day according to the plan and will take time to thoroughly digest each day's reading that second time through.

I might even start all over again, but with January 01 and read that reading as well so I will do two daily readings per day of the One Year Bible. We shall see. Or I might just do this on days I find I want to read and digest more of the Word of God. Or I might re-read past readings I have already read and want to absorb more. We shall see.

Regardless, I want to get through the Bible as soon as possible and then will read it through again of reading it and absorbing it over the course of one year, but might have additional readings if I want to read more each day.

There is my plan.

Now, let me start reading, taking notes, and journaling through September 03's reading (at the very least) in the One Year Bible. Then, I will share my journaling and SD Bible Notes later on this blog.

Oh, also, I am using the NLT Version to read through. It is my favorite reading version, but I use several other versions when I want to study the Word more thoroughly.



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