Yesterday, My Writing, Commitment Issues, and My Journaling

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to stop and ask myself what I wanted to stop and commit wholeheartedly to, personally and professionally. 

I asked myself the question: "Stacy, what do you want to write?"

Then I asked myself, what do you REALLY want to write? 

It all came back to this:

What am I willing to commit to every single day, every day, and every single moment? 


There was a long silence as I tried to open my heart and mind.

I had no idea. 

Let me be fully realistic and honest here. I have commit issues regarding my writing. I really need to... must... commit to writing something. Anything. I just need to commit and stuck to it and not stop.

What did I want to commit to?

I knew I wanted it to last me every day for the rest of my life. Whatever I wanted to write, I needed to find something I wanted to do lifelong. 

What was I willing to commit to write for the rest of my life?

(Yes. I kept asking myself the same question, but in different ways, as I prayed, and hoped to trick myself into finding the answer since thinking about it was not working.)

I thought and kept my mind and heart open and realized, "Ahh. Yes. That. Of course." 

There is one constant in my life that I haven't stopped since I was quite young. It is something I have done without fail at least once a month since... and every day, several times a day let me add, since 1999... It is something I have done for over 36 years now...

If you know me, there was only one answer you would give.


I journal 2,000 words a day on average and have since 1999. More often than not, I average 4,500 words. 

Hence, that is what I will do. Period. 

Needless to say, here is the first blog post and journal entry.