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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

My Current Bible Reading Plan: Reading the Bible Through in "A Year"

I have been horrible about reading the Bible all the way through cover to cover over the last few years. (Meaning I have not done so.) I study it consistently, but just have not read it all the way through.

Therefore, I have determined to read only the Bible for at least the next 91.25 days. (I will explain that funny amount of days in a moment.)

I am using a chronological Bible reading plan compiled by Guthrie on my YouVersion App.

If I want to read the Bible all the way through in 91.25, that means I need to read 4 days each day of the 365-day plan.

Yesterday, I read Days 1 to 4 of 365. Needless to say, I am current so far with my reading and notes. 

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