My Favorite Bible Study Method

Bible Reading Questions:
1 Initial thoughts and/or notes
2 Who is this passage about?
3 What happens?
4 Where did this occur?
5 When did this take place?
6 Why did this happen? 
7 What do we learn about the Lord here? 
8 What so I learn about sin from here? 
9 What should I not do?
10 What example is there to follow? 
11 What does the Lord want me to learn here? 
12 Observe: What does the passage say? 
13 Cross-References: 
13a What more does this Bible say about these words, phrases, and verses?
13b How do these cross-references help me more fully understand this passage?
14 Interpret: What does the passage mean? 
15 Apply: How does this truth apply to my life? 
16 What lesson can I gain from this? 
17 Prayer