Journaling Through Change and the Challenges of Life [and the Times of the Coronoavirus (COVID-19)]

Life is full of change and challenges.

And that was true before COVID-19.

Since the Coronoavirus, our world has gone through shock and hit after hit.

Our world has gone through, is going through, and will go through some things that we have never seen before, never mind imagined.

Our world has stopped in so many ways.

We are isolated and are performing social distance.

We are losing: our jobs, our businesses, our retirement funds as the stock market has been depleted, and way of life.

People are concerned, worried (anxious), stressed, and depressed.

So what do we do in this dark world and times?

How can we carry on with life as normal?

Is there hope?

Where is the silver lining?

Is it possible to escape this for a bit?

Can there be light, contentment, and joy in a time like this?

How is it best to deal with COVID-19 (never mind do so in tandem with trying to cope with everyday life)?

Why are we experiencing this?

Why is so much of the world going through this?

What does this mean?

What are we supposed to think?

What are we supposed to do?

How are we best supposed to deal with this?

Is there a good way to cope with this situation?

They say we are supposed to count our blessings. How can we do it in such a time as this? Is there any blessing?

They say that we are to appreciate what we have. How can we right now?

It’s also said that we are to live fully and mindfully in every moment. How can we do that?

How can we live lives of meaning and purpose in a time of change, challenge, and COVID-19?

What can we do through all of this?

Is there a best way to handle this? Is there even a good way to do so?

This is the first blog post in a new journaling series on Journaling Through Change and the Challenges of Life and the Times of the Coronoavirus (COVID-19).