Journaling to find hope and strength during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I have been a journal keeper for over 37 1/2 years now and if there is anything I've learned (and re-learned repeatedly), it's that keeping a journal and writing in it often leads to living the best life possible, no matter the situation.

Hence, I am doing a great deal of journaling and it has seemed to help me immensely and is why I am handling all of this quite well considering.

Journaling helps me vent my emotions and irrational thoughts. Consequently, journaling helps give me perspective and helps me think correctly. That's why I am using this time of social isolation as a retreat rather than allowing it to be a time of stress. 

As a matter of fact, journaling prepared me to handle a time such as this.

I will share in upcoming blog posts how journaling can help us tremendously where we are and can help us live a life of meaning no matter what happens.