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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Journaling as a Way to Draw Close to the Lord (Prayer and Bible Meditation)

The main reason why I journal is to draw close to the Lord and spend time with Him. Journaling is how I seek Him and His presence.

It's the best way I've found to do so. After all, when I journal, I use it as a means to pray and listen to Him. I also meditate (think on and ponder) on the Word (the Bible).

This is why journaling means so much to me and is why I've done it for 37 and a half years.

Journaling helps me to focus all of myself on Him and His Word. This spiritual discipline keeps me from getting sidetracked and helps me fully enjoy Him.

Journaling is the best way I've found to spend one-on-one time with the Lord and with His Word. It's how I pray, meditate on the Word, rejoice, worship, and give thanks.

Journaling Prompts and Questions:

With each of these questions, expand upon your answer by journaling why or why not:

Do you want to draw closer to the Lord?
Do You want to spend more time with Him?
Do You want to seek Him and His presence?
Do you want to pray more?
Do you want to meditate, think on, and ponder the Bible?
Do you want to focus all of yourself on the Lord and on His Word?
Do you find that you get sidetracked when you try spending time with the Lord?
Do you want to spend one-on-one time with the Lord? What about with His Word?
How can you use a journal to pray?
How can you use a journal to be in the Bible (read, study, pray through, think through, reflect on, ponder, etc.)?
How can you use a journal to rejoice in Him? To praise Him?
How can you use a journal to worship Him?
How can you use a journal to give Him thanks?

A Journaling Thought

Use your journal as a way to draw ever closer to the Lord and think on the Bible.
(Tip: The more you journal, the more you do those things.)

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