Journaling How-To, Hint, and Tip: There is No Wrong Way (Just Journal Through)

There is no wrong way with journaling.

You cannot do it wrong (unless you do not journal at all).

Seriously. Whatever you capture on the page is good.

Your journaling is good and right... even if it does not seem like it... even if you want to cross it out or throw it away. 

Just keep journaling. And do not stop. Ever. Keep putting words on the page.

All of these sentences, lines, and paragraphs seem like platitudes and great bumper stickers. Don't they?

But, they are all 100% true. This is not me blowing sunshine or making things up to make you feel better.

No matter what you journal, it is good. It is useful, even when you do not think so and even when you want to stop.

Why do I say these things? Thirty-seven and a half years of journaling has proven this to be absolutely true in my life.

Let me explain.

I have written hundreds of pages of journaling that I would consider throwing away. I have written months of garbage. I have wanted to stop journaling many times because there is absolutely nothing good or useful.

Or so I think at the time.

Days later, weeks later, months and years later, I have journaled something that makes me think of the "junk" I wrote earlier. And I learn then how that trash and drivel that I did not like (that did not work for me) was a stepping stone that led me to a moment later. And that moment later is an A-HA and light bulb moment where I understand something I did not before. I have a moment of clarity, of learning, and understanding that I would not have had otherwise, if I had not journaled, and journaled through, even when it didn't make sense or was considered trash at the time.

I never throw anything away of my journaling. Nor do I cross anything out. Because I know EVERYTHING I journal is a stepping stone leading me to new places, to a different state-of-mind, to a new perspective, to a lesson learned.

Just journal through.

Keep journaling. Do not stop.

Capture the beautiful inspired moments and even all the moments of boredom and trash in your journaling. Keep journaling, even when you don't want to. Even when you think you are wasting your time.

I can honestly say that every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year, and every decade that all of my journaling has been very useful to me and has benefited others as well.

Journaling is never a waste. Never, ever.

Keep journaling through.

There is no wrong way... except not journaling.

There are times I swear I have written nothing that I would want to re-read later. But, when later comes, I have discovered more often than not that journaling was extremely useful.

Keep journaling through. You cannot go wrong... except if you do not journal.

The A-HA and light bulb moments are only achieved once you take the time to find the light bulb and take the time to screw it in.

Every journal entry is  puzzle piece. You might not see anything in that puzzle piece but blobs, but keep journaling and you will start to see images form, and in time you will see the full picture of the puzzle.

Keep journaling through. There is no wrong way.