Blessing over the negative

Life is full of challenge and pain. This is true most days. What we need to focus on is rising above that and making today a beautiful and blessed day in spite.

This is what true peace is. It is knowing life is not what it should be, but regardless of circumstances we choose to make this day count. Choosing to live with gratitude, rather than choosing the negative, is what makes people great and is what can bring peace and unity.

Choose this day whether to focus on the negative or focus on the beauty and blessing of this day. Each day is a gift.

Today is beautiful.  A cat's purr. The smell of coffee. A new week and month to do anything with it I choose. The touch of a loved one. The sound of laughter. Roses of Sharon blooming. Yes. Beauty is all around.

In a world of challenges,  there are still blessings all around us, if only we stop, look around, and pay attention... if only we stop focusing on all the bad. Life never promised to be easy or without pain.

We can let the challenges win and beat us or we can overcome them and choose to focus on what blessings we already have.