We face challenges every day. This is a fact of life. 

How we deal with these challenges says a great deal about who we are. 

And the year 2020 has sure been a year laced with much revelation about who we really are and of our character. After all, how we handle challenges define who we are and how we are known. 

With every challenge that comes our way, we are faced with the choice of how we choose to respond to the latest challenge. 

We have the choice of ignoring (denying) the challenge, bemoaning and begrudging the challenge, or facing the challenge and finding the silver lining.

When we are facing a challenge, whether we see it coming or are in the middle of it or at the end of it, we have one important choice to make. We can choose to see the blessing or choose focusing on the negative. Hence, the most important thing we can do while facing a challenge is to count the blessings we have in our lives in spite of the challenge and because of the challenge. 

Counting our blessings always changes our perspective and helps us see that in spite of what we face, we are still unbelievably blessed. This is a major blessing in and of itself.

Life is hard enough, and so are challenges, that we should not add to the yuck and blah of the challenges by counting all the negative rather than the blessings. 

A Journaling Thought

How blessed are you right now? Journal and count the blessings of your life right now in spite of the challenges. 

What challenges are you facing right now? How can you count your blessings through the challenges?

List as many blessings as you can in your journal. Take several minutes to do so. And remember that there is nothing too small or too silly to count as a blessing. 

How does realizing how blessed you are give you a new attitude? How does this change your perspective? 

A Journaling Hint and Tip:

Count your blessings every day and do so all day long. And whatever you do, make sure to count triple the blessings when you face a challenge in your life. After all, it's hard to feel blah or focus on the negative when you realize how fortunate you are.