This year has been insane in so many ways. The suffering people are going through seems to get worse by the day. We have been forced to carry on with life as normal when it is anything but. 

My life has been impacted personally and professionally on so many levels in 2020 and the same can be said of those close to me. I don't know about you, but even though I've been staying home more, this does not mean I've been doing any less. I am still quite busy and am trying to keep up with it all. And then when I stop and think of, and pray for, those who are suffering and those supporting those who are suffering, this really bothers me. 

Never mind how much it disturbs me at how few people seem to be able to properly cope with the challenges of life. It's like everyone's been living the easy-button life and has a hard time facing the storms every day brings. This disturbs me to the core. It seems that as a society, we would rather be miserable and actively seek to do everything we can to stay miserable and do what we can to make everyone else miserable in the process. 

I wish I could say that this was just a soap box and tangent. But, it isn't. I keep asking everyone I can if they've seen the same thing and the answer has been, yes. They agree with my assessment.

If I am perfectly honest, I have learned some very hard lessons of what not to do in the year 2020. I have not handled things as well as I could or should have. 

So, it hit me that with all of those who are truly suffering (and/or supporting those who are), and all those who are choosing to be miserable, we need to try another way. For all those suffering, how can we deal with the tough stuff of life in a better way?

I stopped and asked myself that with all of the challenges my friends and family have gone through, who are the ones that seem to be handling it the best? What's setting them apart? And how am I handling all these huge obstacles, storms, and challenges as well as I have been? (I've made my share of mistakes, but I seem to be handling things pretty well overall. That's not to say I still don't need more growth, let me add. But, how is it I am holding up as well as I am in spite of everything? In spite of all those close to me who are suffering? In spite of all the challenges I've gone through?

Seriously. This really made me stop and scratch my head. I am tired: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, economically, and spiritually. But, I am am still standing strong overall. I might need to hold onto something solid to hold myself upright, but I am still standing and haven't fallen over yet. So, how am I holding up so well? This has really perplexed me. After all, I am the one who for the first three decades of my life had a PhD in worrying and being emotional (and driving others nuts because of this at the time). Therefore, what has changed for me and how can I share this tip, this way of life, with others? 

The answer is two-fold. It's the answer to many questions in my life. How am I getting through the year 2020, and all of its challenges, as well as I am? It's because of my faith and because of my journaling. That's the bottom-line. That's the tip and hint. That's the secret. 

I have faith. Faith in someone and something outside myself. I have faith in the Lord and in the Word. If I had to depend on myself or others, I would not be holding up as well as I have been or am. (Especially right now because I am going through the biggest challenge I have faced in years and is a continual challenge and shows no sign of giving any mercy.) Hence, having faith outside of me and my situation sure helps.

Journaling is a way of life for me and it helps me keep proper perspective. It helps me work through emotion. After all, I journal so I can drive my journal crazy and not someone else as I work through the emotion so I can think more clearly. Then, once I purge the emotion in my journal, I clear my mind of the emotion so I can think things through. When I think things through, I also do that in my journal. When I think things through, I learn a better perspective and way of thinking. Then, the better perspective and way of thinking leads me to a more appropriate response and action. 

My journaling has been the best way to handle the year 2020 and all of the challenges of this year, in my life, and in supporting those around me. 

I've decided to journal a great deal more and share it online because I think I have something to offer that could help literally everyone, if they would give it a chance. (Particularly in 2020.)

Journaling clears away all the hindrances to living the best way possible and deeply appreciating life. Journaling brings life meaning and purpose. Journaling helps grow our faith and keeps us centered. 

Journaling is a better way.