Have the Challenges of Life Made You Stronger or Have They Revealed Your Weaknesses? (Journaling Through the Challenges of Life)


Every challenge we face in our lives reveal who we really are, what we really believe, who we choose to be, and what we really think. 

Challenges reveal our true character.

Journal your thoughts to what you just read (including the title of this blog post).

Now, journal your thoughts and answer the following questions:

Do we say we think one way and act another?

When the tough stuff of life hits us, do we stand strong or do we blow over and wilt?

Challenges reveal who we are.

Life's storms reveal whether we live life with thought or emotion. When we live with thought, we think our way through a challenge and overcome it and not allow it to overcome us. When we live life with and through emotion, every challenge overcomes us and we fail to meet it in the best way we can. Thoughts can see our way through. Emotions see the storm and the dark. Thoughts propel us to wise action. Emotions propel us to reacting like fools. 

How have you said you would handle a challenge? Did you do what you said you would do when faced with a challenge? Or did you act in a different manner?

Do we greet challenges with steadfastness and determination (which reveal thinking things through) or do we greet challenge with being upset, stressed, anxious, or frustrated (which reveal emotion and not thinking things through)?

Do we become better people through the challenges we face?

A Journaling Thought by Journal Keeper SD

The biggest blessings in my life have been ALL of the challenges I have gone through, the big and the small and everything in-between. 

I am grateful for every challenge I have ever faced. 

Anyone can get through the happy times in life; the easy times.

It takes a person of real character to count a challenge as a blessing.

Every challenge I have faced have taught me lessons I could not have learned any other way. They have shaped me into the person I am today. 

This is why I do not run from a challenge. Instead, I grit my teeth and dive right into that pool. I face it head-on and see what I can do to grow through the challenge and see where the journey takes me. 

Life is challenging enough without me making it any harder by failing to turn every challenge into an opportunity to live a better life, to learn many lessons, and count as many blessings as possible through the storm. 

And do you know how I can say all of this? Do you know what has helped me live this way? The answer is two-fold: through my faith and through my journaling. The truth is, I have no idea how I would have gotten to where I am today if not for both. 

Your Turn

Journal your thoughts on what you just read.

How can you turn a challenge into a time of growth and lessons learned?

How can you turn a challenge into a time of blessing? 

How can you become a better person through every challenge you face? 

Journal anything else that comes to mind.