Have you heard of "The Return"

I have committed to the prayer for the United States of America and for "The Return."

Have you heard of this? 

This is a prayer and revival movement; it's a time for prayer for our nation.

The United States has many issues that it is the responsibility of every Christian American to pray about. This is a time of prayer for revival. It's also a time for prayer, confession, repentance, supplication, and intercession for our nation as a whole. And for each of us individually. 

If you are Christian, particularly if you are an American, please take a look at this video that talks all about it, along with the website:

~ Introduction (Informational and inspiring) Video: https://youtu.be/cn9wlzsFKzc
~ Website: www.TheReturn.org
~ Video for individuals participating: https://thereturn.org/individuals/

I am going to write several journaling entries (posts) about this on this blog journal. 

Your Turn: Journaling Prompts and Questions:

What do you think about what you read prior to this section? Journal your thoughts, questions, and prayers.

What do you think of what you saw on those three links? Journal your thoughts, questions, and prayers.

Care to Join Me?

If you're going to start praying for the USA, will you let me know through adding a comment at the end of any blog post, or adding a private comment on the right-hand side and bottom of this blog? I would love to talk about this and pray together.