Journaling Through Isaiah, Part 1: Isaiah 1:1-4 (Bible Journaling)

Read Isaiah 1:1-4 in your favorite version (translation) of the Bible and journal your thoughts.

I keep feeling pulled toward this Book of the Bible, so I am going to spend some time in it today. 
I read Isaiah 1:1-4 in multiple translations (versions) of the Bible. 
Talk about a passage that speaks. Ouch. This will surely get one's attention. 
In these verses, we learn about what happens when we claim to be a Christian... when we claim to believe in Jesus Christ... and we choose to go our own way and do our own thing, rather than do what we know we are supposed to do.
These verses talk to us individually.
However, this passage of Scripture also describes the nation who does the same thing.

Read Isaiah 1:1-4 in multiple versions (translations) of the Bible and journal my thoughts about each. 
Am I following His Way and living the Bible today?
Am I doing so every moment of today? 
Have I been in the Bible today so I can remember what it says, and make sure I remember it accurately, so I can hear God and what He has to say to me today?
Answer the three previous questions for this week. 
Answer the three previous questions for this month.
Answer the three previous questions for this quarter (the last four months).
Answer the three previous questions for this year. 
How have I been doing my own thing and what I want and choose to do?
How have I chosen my way and not God's way? And, how has that worked for me? 
I know what God wants me to do, but I do not do what He and the Bible say because... (Fill in the blank.)
How have I lived the Bible?
How have I not lived the Word of God?
Have I meditated on the Holy Bible day and night (all the time)? 
How can I choose to follow God's path and purpose for my life? 
Why do I think I know more than God? (Because if I didn't, I would follow the Bible and the way He wants me to walk and not choose to walk my own path and do my own thing.)
How can I make the adjustments to be in the Bible, meditate (ponder, contemplate, and think on) it day and night, and follow its way rather than my own way or that of the world? 
Journal your thoughts.
Journal a prayer. 
How has my country followed its own way and not His way?
How has my country lived His way recently?
Journal a prayer about this. 

Revisit this journal entry (blog post) often so I can ascertain where I am at and make sure I am traveling His path and purpose, and not my own. 

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