Life in 2020 (A Journaling Thought)


The Facts

Wow, 2020 has been an interesting year. (That's a grave understatement.)

There has been so much loss. Between COVID, retirement investments doing a yo-yo, famous people dying, and my family having several bouts of loss between jobs and people dying. Businesses have closed, riots, etc. Every political and social hot-button has been pushed.

Let's just get it out there. This year, 2020, is a hard year. 

Journal your thoughts. 

A Note: Every Question Asked

I want to pause for a moment and make a note. 

Every question I ask on this blog, not just in this blog post, is purposeful. There is intent. I have a reason. 

Therefore, answer each question in your journal. \

Each question asked on this blog is meant to be a Journal Prompt and is meant to get us to think. 

How Do You Handle Challenges? With Wisdom or Foolishness?

Be extremely honest. How have you handled this year and all of its challenges?

How have you handled the challenges in the best and positive way?

How have you handles the challenges of this year in a less than desirable manner? 

How can you handle challenges better?

Have you handles the challenges from 2020 with wisdom or with foolishness?

Proverbs 1-3 and Handling the Challenges of Life

So what do the wise do when life gets hard and challenging, and what do the fools do? 

(I bet that question captured your attention.)

Read Proverbs Chapters One to Three and see how you can handle the challenges of 2020, and of life, in the future. Write in your journal the characteristics of living a wise, faithful, and biblical life. 

Let this be your inspiration as to how to live a better life in general and a better 2020.