List 10 Memories: A Journaling How-To and Prompt (Memories Journaling)

Step One: List ten memories as fast as you can. 

It does not matter how insignificant or silly the memory might be. Just get it on the page. 

Make sure to include the good, the bad, and the ugly memories.

Step Two: Look at the list when you are finished. 

Step Three A: Do you want to journal about anything of those right now? If so, go ahead and do so. Do a SOC if you want, or just journal. (I call this expanding a memory.)

Step Three B: If not, start again and make a new list. If you repeat memories, that's okay. The repetition actually might help you remember something else. 

Step Four: Do this until you want to stop. Spend all day making as many lists as you can from time to time. 

Step Five: Re-read these lists often and journal about the memories. 

Step Six: Keep a file of all the memories you've listed and of all the memories you expanded. Re-read these often and see what new journaling comes from that.