List Journaling

There's a type of journaling called List Journaling that I'll address in this blog and journal entry.

What is List Journaling?
It's exactly what you think and is what it sounds like.
For example: A To-Do List; A Grocery List; A Blessings Counted List; A List of Memories From This Week; Lists of Your Favorites; Lists of Songs; Lists of Movies; Lists of Friends

How Do You List Journal?
~ You come up with a subject and list as many things as you can think of about that subject. 
~ Then, take the top three from that list and do a more extensive journal entry about each. You could even do a 10-minute SOC (Stream of Consciousness) about each of those three items. 
~ If at any time during this list making and longer journaling entry thereafter, you come up with more ideas to journal, by all means, do so. 

Your Turn: A Journaling Prompt or Question:
~ Do three different list journaling and do the steps under the "how" section.
~ Do a List Journal for the Year 2020 

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