The Six (Eight) Question Starters (Prompts) for Any and All Journaling

A Journaling Prompt or Question: 
There are six (eight) question starters (prompts) that we can use for all of our journaling and for all types of journaling. They are the Six Journalistic Questions:
(1) Who
(2) What 
(3) Where
(4) When
(5) Why
(6) How
But, let me add two more:
(7) What-if?
(8) Why not? 

What Type of Journaling Can You Use This With?
With everything you journal from a morning journal entry to remembering a memory and capturing it on the page. From gratitude journaling to prayer and Bible journaling. From travel/vacation journaling to news journaling. From marriage journal to a memoir journal. From a food journal to an exercise journal. 

How Do You Use These Six (Eight) Starter Questions?
Let me answer this question with an example.
Remember that the question is a starter. Ask every question you can think of for whatever your topic is you're journaling for/about. 
Let's say I wanted to journal about my morning, for example:
Who did I see this morning? 
Who did I think of this morning? 
Who did I pray for this morning? 
Who do I need to get in touch with?
What did I do yesterday? 
What did I do last night? 
What have I done so far today? 
What am I supposed to do today?
What did I have for breakfast? 
What am I wearing? 
What is the weather like today?
What is my husband doing?
What does my husband have planned?
What do I want to do with God today?
What do I want to read in the Bible?
What do I want to read, as far as a Christian living book? What am I reading?
What do I want to pray?
Where am I? 
Where did I journal this morning?
Where am I supposed to go today? Tomorrow? This week?
Where is my next journal that I need to fill in? 
Where are my cats? 
You get the idea. I could go on and on. These are just a small fraction of the journaling that I can do from these question starters for my journaling this morning. 

A Journal Prompt or Question: Your Turn
Go ahead. 
Use this technique with whatever type of journaling you want to do next.