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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

To-Do Lists and To-Do List Journaling

One type of journaling most of us do without even realizing is the To-Do List. 

Let's discuss To-Do Lists and To-Do List Journaling

Suggestions, Hint, and Tips with the To-Do List
~ Keep a daily to-do list
~ Keep a week to-do list
~ Keep a month to-do list
~ Keep a this year to-do list
~ Keep a next year to-do list
~ Keep more years if you know of something to capture on the page

Using Your Current To-Do Lists as a Journaling Prompt
Does anything from one of your to-do lists jump out at you and give you an idea to journal? If so, do so. If not, pick three and journal about those. 

Using Old To-Do Lists as a Journaling Prompt
Go through your old To-Do Lists and use those for journaling prompts. Do a longer journaling entry for everything that captures your eye, or if nothing does, pick three items from that list and do a 5 or 10-minute SOC (Stream of Consciousness Journaling). 

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