What Have You Chosen for 2020 and What Will You Choose for the Remainder of 2020?


Please journal your thoughts and answers to every question in this blog post, including the title. Answer these questions for yourself, for your house, for your family, for your church, for your city, for your state, for your nation, etc.

The year of 2020 has been a set apart year and is one we will never forget. 

This has been the year of challenge.

This has also been the year to let us know if we are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and financially healthy--or not. 

Have we handled this year with grace or with cursing (pouting; hissy fits; tears; fists; stress; frustration; etc.; and fill in the blank)?

Have we handled this year as a time to count or blessings? Or have we used this year as an opportunity to count all the things we are missing out on?

Have we tried to live fuller lives in spite? Or have we allowed this year to cripple us in any way? 

Have we used this year as an opportunity to grow? Or have we proven how much growing we have to do? 

Has this year shown how mature we are or immature?

Have we proven ourselves wise or fools this year? 

Have we been crippled by this year or have we grown wings because we've been forced to live life in a whole new way we never would have thought of before and determined it to be freeing and not a prison sentence? 

Have we learned how to live a better life or a worse one?

​​​​​​​Have we been open-minded and tried to overcome the challenges, or have we been closed-minded and allowed the challenges to overcome us?

How have you handled 2020 well?

How have you handled 2020 not so well?

How will you choose to live the rest of 2020?