9288 Prayers: A Prayer Journal Keeper Decides to Share (The What and Why)


Hello and Thank You


Thank you for stopping by and reading this blog and blog post. 

I am sure you're wondering what "9288 Prayers" refers to and what it means. 

Let me begin with telling you how 9288 Prayers came about and a little of the background.

The Background of 9288 Prayers

I have been a journal keeper for over 38 years now. For a while now, I have mostly journaled my prayers and they sit there in a tote in my study (office). Sure, I get them out and read through them and pray them from time to time, but it's rather tricky to find them. Then, add how I have even more saved in an online journal and it gets even more difficult (way beyond tricky) to find what I am looking for, even with the search feature online. I've thought, "There has to be a better way."

Then, add how recently, prayer journaling (with prayer journaling through the Bible more specifically) has become my main focus. It's been quite a delight. But, still, there they sit and I have had the feeling I was supposed to do something more with them, I just had no idea what.

Last week, another event happened that spurred me to grab every prayer book I had on my shelves of my book cases because I was so moved to pray that the words were beyond me. So I used them to help me pray in a way I have never prayed before and knew I wanted to repeat a couple of times per week at least thereafter. 

I have no idea what I would have done if not for those prayer books. I was so moved to pray that I came up blank. I knew the Holy Spirit would give me a hand, but I also knew I needed to be armed and ready with as many prayers as I can/could get my hands on and pray about the things that He put on my heart. 

These were the things that brought me 9288 Prayers. 

Add the fact of how I am a writer and have done some self-publishing already, I figured I might as well bring all of this together and share my prayer journaling. I think it might be useful to others, like the prayer books were useful to me last week. 

This was how 9288 Prayers was born.

I Did Some Math

Once I came up with the idea of putting much of my prayer journaling to the page and sharing them with others, I did some thinking and decided to write several prayer books. That led me to 112 Prayers, which is how I will write (prayer journal really) and publish in a book. Then, publish many of those. 

This, naturally, let me to doing some math as to what I hope to accomplish and over what timeframe. In doing so, I figured on October 18, 2020 9288 prayers were what I could accomplish over 12.9 years. I thought that sounded great and quite doable. 

Then, I started to combine my prayer journaling into the first 112 Prayer Book and discovered that my plans were not as tidy as I hoped they would be. I decided I might want to add some extra material and that meant the prayer and business plan I took hours to come up with was thrown into a trash can. Now, the only goals I have are two-fold:

1) Write 112 Prayer Books.

2) Write 83 or so of these over time until I come to 9,288 prayers.

(Plus extra material in each book.)

So this is how 9288 Prayers and 112 Prayer Books were founded. 

I know this sounds a little bit crazy, but I think you'll see I am a little quirky and weird, so this will not surprise you once you get to know me. 

I Hope This Will Inspire You

I hope the prayers I write on this blog, and in the 112 Prayers Books will inspire you to pray and that these prayers will give you a starting point for your daily prayers and help you if you ever feel stuck.