Voting and Elections

The most important and serious thing we can do if we are American, and if we are Christian, is to vote.

Our vote determines whether we remain one nation under God or under secularism.

Are we followers of Christ or of the world?

If we vote for a person or against a person... We need to realize this, frankly, does not matter. What matters is what that individual, and his or her party, stands for. Are they (the party) for all the Bible or just the portions they want to agree with or what they hope it says (but really does not)?

We need to make sure we are voting what the Bible says and not what we want the Bible to say.

Our vote needs to be about the Bible and not about whether we like or dislike a person.

What party lives the most Biblical values? (True values and not what we want the Bible to say.)

Do we want to continue to have the freedom to read our Bibles?

Do we want to continue having church?

There is only one party that agrees with and supports this. Whether we like the name of that party, or the individuals in it, does not matter. What matters is the beliefs they profess. Only the Republican party will allow us to read our Bibles, go to church, and stop the genocide of billions of innocents (abortion).

Our vote is not for the person.

Our vote is for our Biblical beliefs.