Welcome, Introduction, Explanations, and the First Prayer


Welcome to the 9288 Prayers Series.


This is a 13.5-year project.

I hope to write several books on prayer and 9,288 prayers are the goal. 

Explanation: First-Person POV

Every prayer on this blog is in the First-Person Point of View. It is meant so that you can read it and pray it for your life. It's meant to have the prayer immediately meaningful to you and help You draw closer to the Lord. 

Explanation: No Amen

You will see that on this blog, I never say "Amen," unless it is to emphasize a point. 

The reason why "amen" will not be said in these prayers is because our lives are meant to be one prayer (one prayer that never stops, even as we continue on doing this thing called life).

The First Prayer

Lord, bless every moment I spend on this blog, along with all the moments afterward where prayers from here come to mind. I want to draw closer to You and learn how to pray and to do so without ceasing. Help this blog be a springboard for prayer in my life, for every moment of this day, and until I can come back here for another prayer. Thank You, Abba, for a place to come and rest in You for a few minutes. I love You, Daddy. 

In the name of Jesus I pray.


Since this is a 13.5-year project, keep coming back here and see what is new and please, stay tuned.