A journaling blog for everyone: A blog change

This blog is both a personal blog (and I share personal journaling thoughts and entries, along with my journaling journey) and this blog is also a journaling blog. Ideally, I want to only include personal journaling entries (and journaling journey) if it might inspire all of us to journal. 

I've decided to make a change and make this blog more friendly for journal keepers. 

While I am a woman of faith (and am Christian and read the Bible), I will try to focus on: journaling and faith in general (spirituality; belief).

From time to time, I might include a blog about my faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, but I will make sure to add: "A Christian Blog Post" or "A Bible Blog Post", that way, you do not even need to open that post if you do not want to read it. 

Keeping a journal is something all of us can thoroughly enjoy, and get a lot out of, and it does not matter what our beliefs are, nationality is, political stance, etc. What matters is using journaling to live a deeper and richer life of meaning. After all, writing in a journal helps us live purposeful and intentional lives.

Journaling is a tool we can use to become better people, leave a legacy, and help make the world around us a better place because we live a life that does not focus on the things of this world, but on the inner and reflective life. Journaling helps gives us proper perspective. Needless to say, keeping a journal means we become better people on the inside, and in turn, that means we become better and transformed people for everyone around us. And that means we become world-changers. 

Keeping a journal helps us live the best life possible: one of meaning and purpose.