"A Love of Journaling" Collections: An explanation

Journaling Collections 

I am starting to write several collections, which will help me begin what I hope to build for us of everything we ever wanted to know about and do with journaling. 

Hence, I will add to this blog:

-‬ Daily Collections 
-‬ Weekly Collections
- Monthly Collections
- Quarterly Collections
- Twice-A-Year Collections 
- Yearly Collections 

I will add new (additional) material to each.

Writing and Publishing "A Love of Journaling" Books

Then, I will take all of these, along with everything else that I blog, and will edit them, expand them, and turn them into "A Love of Journaling" books, so stay tuned for those.

Then, every year, I will add everything from these books into a new Big Book (Unabridged Collection) of A Love of Journaling (or some title like it), where I create a massive e-book volume of everything I have ever written, to that current date (at the end of whatever year), on journaling. I, after all, have decades of material I can add in addition to everything I share on this blog.

When I publish books, and you pay as low of a fee as I am allowed to charge, I promise it will be newly edited and expanded material. That is the least I can do when you can have more than enough to read and do with journaling on this blog.

Your Input

Please add a comment at the end of any blog post with questions or suggestions of anything you want me to share on journaling. It would be an honor to do so.

Works in Progress

Stay tuned. This is a blog in progress, which means books in progress.

(I am so excited!)