Why this blog?: A sharing of my heart

The truth is journaling works. It is life transforming and changing. 

I cannot begin to explain how much it enriches one's life.

I have said for years that if everyone journaled, there would be world peace. I know that sounds ridiculous, but trust me. It isn't. And that statement is still true, no matter how silly or unrealistic that statement might seem.

Journaling can help a full or heavy heart.

Writing in a journal helps us think and control our thoughts.

Journaling through whatever is going on in our lives, or around us, helps us emote (let things go), helps us think (so we can think clearly every angle of whatever we are thinking), helps us live a life of meaning and purpose, and helps us appreciate what and who we have now.

There would not be so many lost, heartbroken, upset, frustrated, anxious, and/or purpose-less (made up word) people in this world if we all journaled. We would, then, all like ourselves and would try our best to to like everyone else and appreciate (and even celebrate) our differences.

Journaling helps us look within so we can more clearly see all around us. 

I look around and see how many of us are in a rush, and are harried, as we try to get everything done and do all we want to do, and then feel a variety of ways when we do not get everything done.

We seem to want more, more, more. And seem to not feel or act satisfied if we get the more, more, more... Or feel a combination of ways if we cannot (or do not) get the more.

COVID, politics, current events, and the like have led us to wish things were different. But they are not. So we wonder how best to handle all this...

This is the truth. Journaling is the answer to all this and everything else.

The truth is when we journal on a consistent, most every day basis, we become equipped to not only handle everything and anything that comes our way, but can live a life of peace even in the midst challenges or storm. Moreover, journaling can help us live well through it all.

Journaling is a safe-haven that helps us life fully and well, and appreciate the life we have, even through (and in spite of) the curve balls life throws our way.

I cannot help but want to (and am excited to) back up everything I said through these blog posts, as you read them, think them through, and apply to your journaling what you read. Nonetheless, this will take time and a lot of work for both of us. For me to share all that could be helpful and beneficial to you, and for you to journal preferably every day, several times per day. (And know I am doing the same in my personal journaling.)

Journaling WILL change your life for the better, IF you allow it and put in the work.

Psst. Here is a little secret. Journaling is not work, ever, if you are doing it right. And how you do it right is to journal. If you keep capturing words on the page without a whole lot of effort, then you are doing it right. If you are blank, search for inspiration, prompts, and questions to get you started (and keep you going) with capturing words on the page. After all, the only wrong way to journal is by failing to capture words, your life, on the page.

Journaling will help you live the best life now. The question is, how badly do you want it?