It's Been a While: Changing This Blog (To the One Chapter Per Weekday Series Blog)

I realize that prior to yesterday (September 07, 2021,), it had been a long while since I blogged. Then, when I started, I did not give much of an introduction.

This blog was once a Biblical journaling blog, and a personal journaling blog. Then it morphed to a blog about how to journal. Now, it is being transformed again to a blog where I journal regarding my personal journey of reading through the Bible one chapter and one book at a time. 

In other words, I will share my thoughts and experiences as I read through the Bible over a five (???) year period. (It could be a year or two longer than that.) I'll share my struggles and what I learn along the way. 

I hope that as I journal (blog) about my journey through the Bible, as real and raw as it is, that it will inspire you to do the same. Thus, I hope to have dialogue with you about your journey and we can go through the Bible together and encourage each other as we do so. 

This is not a Bible study. It's more like a devotional series. Only these devotionals will likely be longer. 

I do not know about you, but in this crazy world, at this crazy time, I need the Lord and the Bible more than ever. They are the only way I can get through this in a sane manner, this living in these times.

Care to join me on this journey and be fellow sojourners of the Word together? Start with any book of the Bible God leads you to and journal about it as you travel together with God through the land of the Good Book. And let's encourage each other along the way. Tell me about your journey. I would love to hear all about it. Add a comment at the end of any blog post.

Have a blessed day.