Advent in Latin means "coming."

When someone or something is coming, it's best to slow down and wait. After all, we do not want to miss anything.

Yesterday was the first day of Advent... of waiting. Of watching, listening, and being open to what the Lord wants to tell us and to the blessing He has for us. 

Do not get busy, let alone too busy. For if you do, you might miss what matters most. The birth of a very special babe who changed everything for us immeasurably. The birth of the One who means we are free, if only we believe. 

Do not miss the quiet moments you can have with your Savior through this season. 

For while time with the family is nice, this season is all about Him. Let us not forget this. Let us make this the first thing we think of all day and night long. He is our First Love. He is the One who offers us eternity. He is the One who offers us a love no one and nothing else can ever offer us.

Let's turn to the promise, through the birth of this babe, how God is with us. 

Look around. He is with you in the here and now. And in the moment after this. 

Wait. Look. Listen. 

He is here and He is coming.

Do not miss the blessings of every single day of Advent.

Now, journal your thoughts.

And, then journal a prayer to God.