Celebrating Thanksgiving When You Have Lost a Loved One

Thanksgiving is a very blessed day, as we acknowledge all the blessings in our lives, and thank God for what He has done (in our lives and in the lives of others) and for who He is.

We truly have much to be grateful for, in spite of life's challenges. 

However,  it can be tough to be full of gratitude, and count our blessings, when we have lost someone we love (or a few someones). 

If that is you, you are in my heart and prayers today. Because I am right there with you and feel much the same. God bless you.

Can we try to thank God for all the blessings they brought to our lives, as we has them for a very special season?

And then can we try to count our blessings for who we do have now, in this season? 

I know today is hard. But, let's remember how our lives have been touched by these people. And let that give us a little smile in our hearts.

Through the pain, there really is blessing.