Drastically Different

I would live a drastically different life if I counted more blessings, and I would be a drastically different person. 

The world would be a drastically different place if we would count our blessings of what we have, who we are, and the lives we already have. 

There would be less hatred and focusing on differences because we would be grateful for one another. After all, this world is big enough for all of us and it is okay to be different and even disagree. 

Just be grateful for what you already have. 

Count your blessings several times a day. 

Count every single one in your journal so you can re-read what you are thankful for later. For when you do that, it helps you appreciate where you are and what you have now. 

Count your blessings. Your life is a good one. You just need to remember to look around and see the good. 

You are blessed.