I Got a Better Idea: A New Writing Project

 I realize how often you read about a new idea and a new writing or journaling project on this blog. 

Wait. That isn't the case. I have unpublished many of them. (Although, I have kept many of them here as well. If you go through this blog, you'll find them. But, don't waste your time. Just take my word for it.) Keep in mind that I am known to come up with a "new idea" and wanting to have a "new beginning" and do so frequently. (Hopefully this one sticks.)

I am honest to a fault, I realize, but I will not lie, put on a pretty face, or act like anything I am not.

Therefore, my journaling through the Bible in a year has been morphed into another bright idea. 

I am very excited for this new writing and journaling project, and I hope that you'll join me on this journey. 

The latest idea is this: I am calling it, "22 Verses."

It's a journal-devotional where we journal through the Bible together book by book, 22 verses at a time, plus days of catch-up and days of review. 

The first Bible book we will tackle is Matthew. Then, we will go book by book to Revelation and then start at Genesis and go to Malachi. So, we'll journal through the New Testament and then the Old Testament.

Welcome to the 22 Verses journey.