I hope to inspire you to journal (the reason why I blog)

While this is my personal journaling that I share on this blog, there is a reason why I share what I do.

The blog posts are quite intentional. After all, I hope to inspire you to journal and encourage you that you and I are not alone. We struggle with similar things, and know of others who do as well. You see, when we can identify with something we read, it can inspire us to journal. This is why I blog.

That is my whole goal of airing my dirty laundry, and for sharing some very personal thoughts and stories. It is to inspire you to journal.


Apart from being in the Bible and praying, there is nothing in this world as meaningful and effective in helping us live the best life possible (one of meaning and purpose) as journaling.

Journaling is one of the healthiest activities we can do, and yet it is one of the most underused.

Therefore, I journal and share bits and pieces here on this blog. 

Please use each blog post, each journal entry, here as a prompt of sorts and allow it to get you into your journal. 

The more you journal, the more benefits and blessings you will receive. Trust me.