A Time to Reflect: What's Happened in 2021?

Not only is it the season of Advent, but it is a season (and month) to stop and reflect on the last eleven months. 

What's happened this year? 
How can you close out this year in the best way possible? 
How can you slow down and appreciate all the good that has happened this year, despite the challenges? 
What blessings have you seen this year? Make a long Blessings Counted List.
How has God worked in you, around you, and through you? 
What memories, happy and not, stand out to you from this year? Why? Make a long list.
How can you live in December and make it the best month of the year? 
What did you accomplish this year?
What do you hope to accomplish next year?
What prayers did you have this year? 
What prayers were answered this year?
How can you make December the best month of your life?
How can you slow down and enjoy this holiday season?
Summarize your year of 2021 so far. Do so in one page. Then, in one paragraph. Then, in one sentence. Then, in one word.