Advent December 01, 2021


Whatever you are doing, stop. 

This is not a month for busyness.

This is not a month for stress. 

This isn't even a month for shopping. 

This is a month where we stop, look, listen, and wait. 


Because He is coming.

Advent in Latin means, "Coming."

This month is meant to be a preparation for His coming. For His birth.

This a month to draw near to the Lord and take a lot of time to be with Him. 

Let's not short-change what the real meaning of Christmas is. It isn't about anything or anyone, other than Jesus Christ, our Messiah, Savior, and Redeemer. 

This is the month that we remember God with us (Immanuel). 

Slow down this month and reflect on Him. 

Let's close the year of 2021 with more time with the Lord and the Bible than we have had all year. 

Let's not get lost in the worldly things. Let's focus on the eternal. 

He is coming.

Are you ready? 

Take every day this month to prepare and enjoy the Eternal One. The reason for our hope. 


Journal your thoughts.

Are you ready?

How can you slow down this season?

How can you change the focus to Him and not on the worldly stuff of this month?

How can you make this the best time you have had this year with the Lord and with His Word?

Journal your prayer about all this.