Do you ever find the Bible intimidating?

Do you ever find the Bible intimidating? I know I do. 

As a matter of fact, this very thing is what can keep me from reading it and getting into it. (How about you?)

I think reading through, and studying the Bible, is only accomplished through the help of the Holy Spirit walking with us through our reading and showing us what we need to see and know in that reading. 

In other words, I think the only way to read the Bible is by clinging to the Lord and asking Him to walk us through it every step and every second. It's only through Him opening our minds that we can understand (Luke 24:45) the Word of God. 

So ask Him to help you understand and give you wisdom (James 1:5). And keep asking (Matthew 7:7-8). 

Walk through the Word WITH Him. Hold out your hand and ask Him to take it and show You the way. 

When we do all this consciously, purposefully, it is easier and far more enlightening to go through the Bible. The Lords walks with us through the journey through His Word. And this makes it a very special thing to do with Him. This makes reading the Bible a very special and sacred time. 

When we do this, we, and our lives, are transformed. 

When we remember this, the Bible is not intimidating at all.