Here it is the 10th of January and...

Here it is the 10th of January already and I still haven't been able to think or journal through the year 2021 and I certainly haven't been able to plan for the year 2022. Sigh.

I had one plan, and changed it. Then, I had another and changed that. Now, since January 05th, I have had year another plan and so far it is looking like I want to stick with that one. We shall see. 

I am tired. 

I have been dealing with a few different things, including some health things (dental).

Now I am trying to plan and I have no idea what to plan. I want to do so much. But, I am limited in time and really want to figure out the bottom-line: What do I want to do in 2022, in the next 5 years (through 2027) and the next ten (through 2032)?

The only things I know for sure are:

~ I want to go slowly through the Bible, through prayer and Bible journaling, and do Stacy's Slow Soaker Study. 

~ I want to share the story of my journey through the Word. Hence, there's this blog. 

Beyond this, I am not too sure of much. But, this is a start, and a great one at that. 

Lord, help me.