Prices of Christian E-Books

Goodness gracious. It looks like some prices of Christian e-books have skyrocketed seemingly overnight. I have a problem with this. 

Shouldn't we make books, that which should belong to God and not to people, more available to those who are not fortunate financially?

I mean shouldn't we trust God to make us a profit and not charge astronomical prices?

If we charged less for books, we would sell more.

Our books are God's,  not our own.
I think anything over $5 is a travesty.  Bibles should be $5 and Christian Living $3, Fiction $3 if new, otherwise $1. 

That way more people would buy them for themselves and then would send those to others as gifts. 

That way people can afford them. 

For Christ, don't we want everyone to have Christian books? Particularly Bibles?

Paper books are a whole different matter, but those prices are too high as well. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

We are missing the mark here.

We are missing the point. God is to get the glory. Not our wallets as authors or publishers. 

If our point is to sell as many books as possible, for Christ,  so more can be exposed to Him and believe... then charging less would be paramount. And He would give us enough to live on.

If our goal is profit for self, then we have missed the point.

It is all about Him.