Slow and Mindfully Reading the Word and Zechariah 1

 The last three days, I have dedicated myself to reading through Zechariah 1 very slowly and mindfully. I will talk more about this next week. However, I wanted to share that it is a game-changer. Being methodical and careful... making sure to catch every word... changes things. And it allows time for God to speak through the verse and chapter. 

Slowing down to fully think through and digest everything, prayerfully, is the key to getting more out of the Bible. 

This is so obvious that I seemed to miss this common sense approach. 

I am going so slowly through it, prayer journaling through it, that I am only at verse 4. Talk about a powerful way to go through the Bible and remember what you read. 

Try it. You will be surprised with how amazing this approach is when you read the very Word of God.