Reading and Journaling Through the Bible... Slowly

I have been reading and journaling through the Bible slowly one verse and chapter at a time.

Slowly is the key, I have noticed. Reading through each word, absorbing each word and its meaning, and thinking through the nouns, verbs, phrases, sentences, and chapters has made a difference as I journal about what I read, what I say to Father God, and what He says to me through the sentences and chapters. 

Taking my time has brought the Bible alive. 

Too often in life, and in this world, we are rush, rush, rush. And I hate to say it, but we Christians tend to fall into this when we read the Bible and do Bible studies. Everything is date-focused and we have to get through the study in such a time period. Or we set up dates for goals we want to accomplish something with the Bible. 

How wrong we have it. 

It's far more important to take our time and slowly read through the Bible, journal about it, and think it through. 

Try this. I guarantee it will change your life. It has mine.