A whole new day (and way) of Reading the Bible

NOTE:  Please read the last blog post first, before you read this one, if you have not already. You can find it here: https://www.journalkeepersd.com/2022/03/my-latest-frustration-in-reading-bible.html

So this morning, I tried the just read, pray, and journal through the Bible method/way. And it has blessed my socks off, I must say. I am refreshed and hope hope again that I can indeed read through the Bible, and get much out of it. 

It's amazing what happens when we listen to Father God, rather than to people and the must-do's and should-not-do's. It's amazing what happens when we read the Bible in the way He created us individually and uniquely. 

The fact is, God does not speak to me and to you in the same way. He knows what works best for each of His children and He meets us there. 

The truth of the matter is I got more out of my Bible reading today than I probably have in a very, very, very long time. 

And it stems from seeking Him and His Way first. I asked Him how He wanted to journal through the Bible today and I did what He said. Because I cooperated with Him, and sought His thoughts on the subject, I my thrilled to get back into the Word. I cannot wait to see what He reveals and what we experience together as we go through the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. 

So, learn from me. Do what He says when You read the Bible and seek relationship with Him as you are in the Bible. 

Be in the Word every single day. As a way/means to draw near to Him and be with Him. As we read the Bible cover to cover so we keep things in proper context.

Meditate on the Bible day and night. 

Know the Word. 

Remain in Him and in the Word. 

When we do this, it's hard to go wrong.