Committed to this lifelong pursuit of journaling through the Bible from chapter to chapter, book by book

I have committed so fully to this endeavor of journaling through every chapter of the Bible that I am going on a writing retreat soon and am going to learn more about this. It's a retreat on how to make your writing an act of worship. And journaling through the Book of Isaiah is my first endeavor. I need to go through and learn from the book and then I will share my stories and notes on this blog. 

From there, I will write even more stories on Isaiah and will combine them, along with my blog posts, into a book of Devotional Stories Through the Book of Isaiah. It will be a way from my readers to read through and journal through the Book of Isaiah for themselves. It will be like a Bible study, commentary, handbook, journaling prompts, and devotional all rolled into one. 

The writing retreat will be where I try to get an idea as to how I really want to go through the Book of Isaiah and every book hereafter. It's been a lot of experimentation over the last four days. Some of my attempts have worked, and some have not. I hope between now and the retreat, I will figure out how I want to go through (pray and journal through) every chapter of the Bible and get the most out of doing so.