Listening matters

Listening is an important skill to have. And if we do not have it, we need to develop it.

This is true in our earthly relationships and in our spiritual relationship.

When it comes to the Lord, though, this is the one of the most important skills we can develop. Hands down. 

What gets us into trouble... What can make us feel stressed, anxious, empty, and/or off can oftentimes be traced to our lack of listening.

Do we listen far more to God than we ever speak to/with Him?

What we say is finite and from a sinful mind and heart. 

What God says is infinite, eternal (ever-present), all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfect. He does not stutter. He does not make mistakes. He does not lie. 

Given that, shouldn't we listen to Him far more than we ever listen to ourselves or others for that matter?

If we were to constantly listen to Him, for long periods of time, and in every moment throughout the day, our lives would be drastically different. 

Listening matters.

Listening to Father God really, really, really matters. It's about eternal stuff and that trumps anything of this earth (which is temporary and does not last). 

In my last journal entry or blog post (whatever you want to call it), I shared how the last three days have been incredible, foundational, and milestone type days. This is why. I have been intentional about listening to my/our Abba in as many moments throughout the day as I am able, and not just that, but for as long of time as possible. 

That's been transformational. 

Listening matters.

Let's try to listen 95% of the time and talk to Him 5% of the time... and see how different our lives become... and how different we become as individuals. 

God deserves no less. 

Let's listen.