One step forward, six steps backward

The best of intentions rarely accomplishes something good and right.
If we mean to do something, with the intention to do it, and we do not do it, that isn't a good thing.
I began 2022 with the best of intentions. 
But I fumbled the ball, tripped, fell, and picked myself up.
That sounds good, right?
It wasn't. 
I planned on reading, praying, thinking, and journaling through the Bible every day this year. I wanted to develop a new habit and lifestyle. I wanted (want) and definitely needed (need) to remain in the Father and in His Word. Every day.
Fumble. Trip. Fell. Got up, dusted myself off, and ran away and did the next shiny-object and stopped doing what I began.
How many times am I going to forget to pray? To dive deeper into the Word? To remain? 
This has been a struggle for nearly 4 decades.
The best of intentions still mean I failed my objective. I didn't seek Him and the Bible first and in all things.
One step forward.
Six steps back.
I failed.
I felt guilty. I kicked and chastised myself.
What was I thinking? Oh, yeah. That's right. I wasn't thinking. Because if I was, I would have done the right thing and not the things that seem glittery and exciting. 
Ugh. I hung my head in shame.
Can you relate?

Let us not even discuss how I wanted to celebrate Lent and be mindful of the Easter season.
And I didn't do this.

Ugh (again!). What is my problem?

More guilt and shame fill me.

Then I remember something.

Why did Jesus die on the cross and was resurrected?

He lives.
So I can, too.

I have been forgiven. I am forgiven. 
The guilt and shame keep me from focusing on who and what really matters. 
He and His Word matter. For eternity. That is what I need to keep refocusing on and remembering.
It is all about Father God and His glory and purpose.
If/when I remain in Him and in the Holy Bible, He will guide my every step and give me His desires and purpose.
All I need to do is keep refocusing myself on Him and the Bible. 
This is the sweet spot for living the best life possible, the one with eternity in mind.
One step forward of about three feet becomes a step across galaxies. That is how far He guides me and takes me if I just keep seeking Him and His Word.
And He does not keep a record of my steps backward.
Stepping toward Him and the Bible is the best course of action and way of life. It is for eternity and is not for this temporary and sin-filled world or life.
One step forward toward Him and the Bible is immeasurable.