The last three days

The last three days have been amazing. Incredible. Powerful. Lovely. Pivotal. Transforming. 
These three days have been foundational. 

I cannot explain it, but I have the sense that through the moments these last three days... when I have tried to be fully present and focused on the Lord and His Word... that these moments have begun a new chapter/age/Era in my life and journey with the Father.

Consequently, I am so grateful for His grace. For His infinite love. 

I am thankful He is patient and has told me things several different ways, on several different occasions, the messages (teachings; guidance) He has said to me again this week. 

I wish He didn't have to repeat Himself, but I cannot unscramble those eggs. 

What matters now is that I do what He has told me.

I know how unworthy I am. 

Yet, because of Jesus, and what He did during what we now call the Easter season... I know the Father sees Jesus and not my mistakes and sins. All my wrongs have been erased.

If I hold onto my errs, I am a thief. Because I confessed them and let them go at the foot of an empty cross (empty since He was raised/resurrected and is alive and active today), so if I hold onto them, I am taking them back, which is stealing from God what is His and is no longer mine.

Three days... Isn't it interesting how Jesus was resurrected after three days... and I am being transformed into His likeness and it all started again three days ago?!

These three days have given me the sense of what every day can be like, if I so choose them to be... if I take the steps to ensure this is the case... and it is done simply by thinking of Father God in every moment. It is through turning my heart and mind to Him and the Bible, as I live that moment, no matter what I am doing. 

Yep. It is really that simple.

When I include the Lord into my every moment, on a mindful level, through thinking of Him and the Bible... then I am practicing praying without ceasing. 

I look forward to including the Father, in every moment, in a mindful manner.

I will try to be with Him every moment. 

And when I do this, I am living a truth I fully believe:

Every moment is sacred.

This is what I have been reminded of the last three days. And I, and my life, have been transformed. 

No. This is not a new truth to me. It has been a truth throughout my life. What makes this time different is I am doing this out of relationship, and wanting to be with Him, versus doing it as an action.

My purpose is I just want to be with Him, and focus on Him, in every moment, no matter what I am doing.

Talk about a blessing.