What do I mean by journaling?

I am a journal keeper and have been one for over 39 years. With that being said, I think it might be helpful for me to explain what I mean by journaling. I journal where my audience is the Father. 

In fact, what you might say is I prayer journal and I journal through the Bible. 

My journaling is also taking notes from what I read in the Bible.

Then, there's also my to do list, my shopping list, my calendar (schedule; planner), lists of counting my blessings, lists of memories, lists of what I do each day, and so forth.

Some would say it is my catch-all. That's true. It's where I capture my life on the page.

I journal every single day and most days of the week, I journal off and on all day long. Most days, I journal for several hours. And I have done this for decades.

But my journal is so much more than all that. 

My journal is where I meet the Father. It's sacred ground.