What is my purpose?

What is my purpose?

This has been a struggle of mine for decades. (Goodness, I wish I could just say years.)

I keep thinking I find it, only to realize it was just the latest shiny-object that really wasn't it. 

Maybe I should clarify. When I ask what my purpose is, the question is really: What is GOD'S PURPOSE for me? Why did He create me? Why am I still alive? How can I bring Him glory? How can I bring Him as much glory as possible? How can I do something to make people see Him and know Him, not me?

That's what I seek. 

I want Him to use me mightily. I want to be mightily used by Him to bring about His eternal purposes. 

So what is my purpose? What does He have in mind for me?

I ask this again. I pray about it. I hope to stay out of the way and give Him the time to answer that question. 

I need to slow down and just keep seeking Him and being in His Word. That's the secret to everything. It is the secret of success and is the best way to live. So that is what I shall do. I will remain in Him and in the Bible as I wait for Him to guide my every step.