A new rock garden: Personal Journaling

 There is a spot in our front lawn that just flat-dab doesn't get enough water. For years, the sprinkler system has needed to be dug up and moved so that area can get more water. (Ugh.)

However, there is one thing that can be lovely that comes with age: soreness if you do too much. Thinking about digging up the sprinkler system just didn't have the appeal. Needless to say, that project kept getting delayed and replaced with hand-watering. But that drier/dry spot in the yard always got to me.

Last weekend, as we drove up the driveway and I saw that, I noticed one of our rock gardens with a variety of sizes and types of rocks and I got the bright idea. I told B, my husband, how we needed to put two more rock gardens in our front yard. He didn't quite have the visual that I did, but B learned long ago to humor me. So, he did. 

This morning, we put in part of one of the new rock gardens and, wow, it looks gorgeous. It softens the yard and provides a welcoming path toward our front door. (I am clapping and bouncing a little with sheer joy.)

We need to add some more smaller rocks underneath, but we have the start of a small rock garden and it adds curb appeal. Never mind how I just like rocks. I get that from my dad and I know he, if he were still alive, would certainly approve of the new rock garden, which was far easier to put in than moving the sprinkler system.

B is relieved that he doesn't have to dig up the sprinkler system and now he sees my vision and approves. (Phew.) But that means a little more weed-whacking for the poor guy.

I cannot want to sit on our front deck and drink coffee in the morning and see the new rock garden as I journal.

{Journal your thoughts about what you just read and anything else that comes to mind.}