First thing in the morning journaling: 3 things to journal: Journaling Prompts or Questions

Every morning, grab your notebook or journal and do these 3 things:

1 Get It Out Journaling: For 10 minutes, journal anything and everything that comes to mind. Make sure to write anything that you keep thinking about and whatever steals your attention or focus. Journal your fears, mistakes, frustrations, concerns, and anything that comes to mind... anything that bugs you. It's any obsession that keeps coming to mind. I call this the throw up on paper journaling. It's the get it out on the page journaling of the things we need to let go of. After all, once we purge ourselves of the things that take up space in our brains and lives. It's a space that can be used for more healthy and joyful things. Just journal as fast as you can and do not stop until the 10 minutes are up. Also, throughout the day, if you can't focus, you might need to do this Get It Out Journaling for 5 to 10 minutes again so you an let things go. Do this as often as necessary throughout the day when you cannot focus because your mind keeps wandering to other places.

Now that you purged your mind with the stuff that you need to let go (at least temporarily), it's time to fill your mind with good stuff. So:

2 Blessings Counted Journaling: For 10 minutes, journal about any blessing you can think of. If you repeat, that's fine. Just keep listing as many things as you are grateful for as possible.

3 Read a chapter or more of the Bible and journal about what you read. Do this for at least 10 minutes. 

Do these every single day.