How's Your Journaling (Journaling Prompts or Questions): A Check-In

 Please take some time to answer these questions. Be as thorough as possible (meaning: write as much as possible and as long as possible as you answer these). Take your time. Explain your answer to each question.

How is your journaling?

What do you think of your journal?

What do you think of your journaling?

What's jumped out at you the most as you journal? List several examples and explain why they jumped out at you.

What more do you want to get out of your journaling?

How can you improve your journaling?

How has journaling changed you?

How has journaling changed your life? 

How can you get more out of your journaling?

Why are you journaling?

How many journals have you journaled? 

What type of journal are you using right now? 

How far are you in that journal?

How is your journaling? (This question is asked again because after journaling your responses to all of the above, this answer might have changed. So answer it again.)