Journaling Prompts or Questions of the Day for Those of the Faith, Day #1

How are you this morning?

How are you the day after Easter?

 How was your Easter?

What did you do for Easter?

What are three memories you made for Easter?

List ten things you are grateful for about Easter.

Did you seek God as much as you would have wanted on Easter?

What did you read in the Bible on Easter?

What did you pray about on Easter?

What would you do differently to celebrate Easter next year?

Did you focus longer on His death or on the resurrection? Why? Explain your answer.

What chapter/s of the Bible are you reading today?

What verse/s of the Word of God are you reading today?

List at least  ten things you thank God for today.

What do you want to pray for today?

What verse/s do you want to carry around with you and meditate on today and tonight?

Journal anything about what you have read here today.

Journal about anything else you would like about Easter.

Journal about everything else that comes to mind or is on your heart.

NOTE: Make sure to also do the regular/mainstream journaling prompts or questions of the day as well in another blog post from today.